Take A Lesson From Kathie Lee And Follow Your Dreams NOW

Today marks Kathie Lee Gifford's last day on The Today Show. After more than 10 years hosting the fourth hour of the show — what would seem like a dream job to most — Kathie Lee decided it was time to pack it in to go follow her dreams.

In an interview this week with Jimmy Fallon, Kathie Lee said, "After my husband passed, you really realize that you're gonna run out of time. He didn't know that morning he was running out of time," she said. "And then my mom passed, as well."

For a woman who is 65 years of old and has done so much with her life, she still has things she wants to do including making movies — writing, directing, and starring in them. And bravo to her for still wanting things out of life and going after them.

Perhaps what every one of us doesn't realize is that we are all actually running out of time. We honestly don't know if we will live to 75, 85, 95, or perhaps just 35. I, personally, have witnessed too many people die unexpected deaths way too early and when they still thought they had plenty of time to follow their dreams. My sister passed a few days after she turned 57, my best friend died at 35, and I have a relative just diagnosed with ALS at 60 and another friend also with ALS at 58.

Business associates of mine who gave up the rat race to go follow their dreams in their early 50s said there are always going to be three things that will come up for you:

  1. You will never have enough money.

  2. The time will never be right.

  3. Making the decision will never get easier.

But they went ahead and gave up their day jobs anyway to follow a dream of spending a year cooking in Tuscany. It's been 10 years since then and today they own four cooking schools around the world, they just bought a small boutique hotel in Tuscany, and they get to spend their days doing what they love best, cooking, eating, playing. They didn't know how it was going to work out. They thought they might lose their house, but they decided they weren't that attached to it and when you don't become attached, magical things can happen as it did with them.

So while you might have tuned into Kathie Lee's departure on The Today Show this morning, think about the deeper lesson: that we are all running out of time and if you have dreams or things you want to do, do them now.

Remember Steve Jobs' quote: "If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?"