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Who Will You Give A Card To This Valentine’s – Why Not Your Self?

I know that Valentine’s is a day dedicated to romantic love, but I want to bring it back to love of not only the romantic kind – whatever that means. And I want to also bring it back from thinking about others to thinking about my Self.

No, I am not being selfish here, I don’t say myself. I do think quite a lot about myself, I admit, but I am much more interested in Self. So what is the difference you may ask? And why would anyone give a card to one’s Self (other than the usual yellow and red cards we most often gladly distribute, warning and banning ourselves from this, that and the other – doing nothing, eating cake, feeling totally free and uninhibited… those kinds of things)?

Let’s start with the difference. The self is who most people ever think about. This is me, Claudia (or at least so I used to think), and I am a somebody, doing so and so, and I see myself in relation to others. Then there is Self, as a wise man in a forest once pointed out to me. This Self is all one united Soul, without separation.

I had told this man all about myself (my elevated position, a prestigious title, my career, my globetrotting, the pressure I was under – how much I loved it all), only for him to tell me, “that is not who you are.”

He said that who we all really are, is Self. We just can’t see it. The ‘myself self’ is just a cluster of imaginations. I am still only grasping this, but let me tell you – a lot has shifted in me since these eye- and heart-opener lines were delivered and started to sink in.

Now, when I care also for imaginary little ‘myself self’ I know that I am in fact caring for all that is. There is no other. Just considering that this is true, may shift your perspective and help you see more clearly where you are living patterns that don’t really contribute positively to the all that is.

So give a Valentine’s card to Self this year!

What to write on it? Whatever comes! Because much less is fixed in this world than you might think. Even Valentine’s does not need to be for romantic love only. Cards can be freedom-giving and loving ones.

Vedanta upholds the real nature of every human being as the luminous Self, which is associated with the mind as the onlooker, or witness. Our true essence is pure consciousness, a state of being beyond identity. This is always true and the realisation brings unconditional joy. It is all about prioritizing.

Will I keep running around in circles, trying to woo others, dating, trying to do things right, advance… forever? Or will I stop for a moment and question even my deepest beliefs (such as that in a separate self)?

Why not make