What Are You Waiting For?

We all have reasons for not doing things don't we? I'll wear that bikini when I lose 15 lbs. I'll visit Paris when I'm engaged. I'll look for a better job after I've saved more money. I'll relocate to that city in a few years when....

And how often does that particular time never come? Or maybe it comes and we put our dream off for another reason. Another excuse. Another perceived perfect situation when it will be more appropriate.

The other day I suddenly had a strange awareness... I was in my kitchen and I came to the sudden realization that this IS my life! I am living it right now and perhaps not always doing such a great job at it. What was I waiting for?

I don't know why I have always thought that at some point in the future I can wear the cool clothes I've been saving in my closet. I can spend my days doing the things I really want to do and stop doing the things that I hate to do. I keep thinking that one day I'll do all of this or that...and that day doesn't really seem to come. Or is it because I've subconsciously decided not to really live that life I think I want right now?

And the funny thing is that I keep getting reminded that life is short and unpredictable. I've seen my mother wither away and die from Alzheimer's Disease. I watched in horror as my healthy sister suddenly was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and slipped away in four short months like a hit and run accident. And I've been witness to countless friends, family, and business associates who have been going about their lives in one way or another only to be suddenly sidetracked with a serious illness that demands 100% of their attention.

Every time I go home to visit my Dad, I walk past the living room of his house and look at the sofas that sit there in perfect condition. While the furniture is at least 20 years old, no one has ever sat on it. My Mom was always saving the living room for special occasions which never actually came. And so the sofas in the living room look pristine for no one in particular because she's long gone and will never sit on them again.

I remember about eight or so years ago when my sister and I went to a boutique in the small town near where we lived and found these gorgeous bathrobes we both fell in love with. And so we bought them and gave them to each other as Christmas gifts. They were plush and thick and so soft and I loved wearing mine when it got really cold outside and my dog loves sleeping on it when I place it on the bed. On the day of her funeral I walked into her closet to just look around at the clothes she would never wear again and I spotted that bathrobe — still in its original packaging. She never wore it. Saving it, I guess, for some day that never came.

And so I ask you, what are you waiting for? What is stopping you from doing all of those things you keep putting off for some day?