Do You Know How To Just Be?

When is the last time you did absolutely nothing? I mean go somewhere completely alone, put the phone away, turn off the radio or TV, don't read a book or magazine, and just sit (or stand) and let your mind wander?

It's called BEING.

I don't think human beings circa 2018 do that anymore. We get the "human" part right. We just don't understand the "being" anymore.

In the early mornings and early evenings I love to walk my dog and just enjoy being in nature. I listen to the birds tweeting, the lizards scurrying about, watch the sun come up, etc. and I just can't get over my fellow humans who cannot be out walking without being on their telephones. It's like they have to take the dog out, but God forbid they are actually alone with themselves. That's way too scary.

I see it everywhere...when people are waiting on line at Starbuck's, standing at a baggage carousel at the airport, or sitting alone in a restaurant -- no one can just be alone and not be on their phone. And if they aren't talking, they are answering email, scrolling through their social media feeds, or surfing the Internet mindlessly. Why is everyone so afraid of doing nothing and just sitting there thinking?

I have to admit I was much the same way. I have consciously made an effort to just lie in bed for at least 20 minutes in the morning and do nothing but meditate or think. I walk my dog quietly -- not talking to anyone on the phone. And before I go to bed I also recount the things I am grateful for that day and then enjoy deep breathing and thinking.

It is during these moments when I find the answers to questions I didn't even really know I had. Suddenly a solution to something I've been grappling with will present itself to me. Or another way of looking at something I do or the way I arrange my cabinets or closet will come to me that makes so much more sense. A thought might come up about something I forgot to do for my job or I'll think about things I really want to do before the year is out. It's actually magical just being with myself and letting my mind flow wherever it wants. I don't do that enough. None of us does that enough. We all forgot how to just be.