5 Life Hacks For Manifesting What You Want In Life

Those of us who have done a lot of self-help work know it is all an inside job. We can't rely on our minds to automatically be positive, grateful, loving to ourselves, bold, or whatever we need to help us out of our funk.

Perhaps Tony Robbins put it best when he said we are dealing with a two-million-year-old brain that isn't designed to be happy. The bottom line: we need to pro-actively remind ourselves every day to be, do, or believe something that will forward us, versus bog ourselves down in more automatic negativity and thoughts about what is missing in our lives.

So just how do you set your intention to go after what you want in life and be more positive in some way? Here are a five simple life hacks we recommend:

1) Start Your Day With A Positive Reading. If you have a book you love by an author who is uplifting, spend just five minutes in the morning reading a passage which will remind you to be grateful, to approach your day with intention, to be self-loving instead of self-defeating, etc. Hey, if the only time you find that five minutes is when you are sitting down taking care of business, then leave an inspirational book in the bathroom and multi-task!

2) Tape An Affirmation To Your Bathroom Mirror. We know of a spiritual psychotherapist who is focused on channeling abundance, who tapes a printout of an affirmation or mantra to his bathroom mirror. So while he is shaving and getting ready for his day, he is looking at it and it is subliminally reminding him what to focus on for the day. And since you usually wash your face or brush your teeth before you go to bed, you will see it again before your evening slumber.

3) Remind Yourself "Good Things Are Going To Happen" Before Going To Bed. Noted author Dr. Wayne Dyer, had a printout of the phrase "Good Things Are Going To Happen" which he pinned at his bedside, so it was the last thing he saw before he went to bed. He said when you kept this phrase in your mind as you were falling asleep, you were automatically setting up your connection to the source in a positive way.

4) Make A "Cheat Sheet" Of Intentions Or Affirmations To Review Daily. At the conclusion of Tony Robbins' Date With Destiny event, each of the participants walked away with a poster board featuring many key items from the week-long seminar, but most importantly was a statement outlining each person's life's purpose and four key goals they were going to focus on in the year ahead. It's a smart idea to put together a vision board or a little cheat sheet or even index cards with your key intentions or affirmations that you can review daily. Hey, why not even take a key intention and make it a screensaver on your computer or smartphone? You can't commit to yourself to get healthier and then at the end of each day say "oh yeah, I forgot I was going to exercise or eat better today." If you keep it top of mind, then you'll be more likely to actually act upon it versus regretting or beating yourself up about the fact that you didn't do it.

5) Remind Yourself Of Your Intention With A Tattoo. Some people want to remind themselves of something with a permanent tattoo -- but you don't need to be that committed. The company Conscious Ink offers an incredible selection of temporary tattoos to remind yourself to "Let Go," have "Gratitude," focus on "Abundance," remember you are "Enough," "Just Breathe," and much more.

If you want to manifest something new and different in your life, it takes work — mental work. You have to become the master over your brain and your thoughts. We hope these life hacks help you to do just that.