Did You Ever Just Want To Pick Up And Go Somewhere New?

We've all had one of those episodes in our life. A time when things just keep going wrong and that boulder keeps getting bigger and bigger, rolling quickly after us like in Indiana Jones. At one point we just can't or won't outrun it any longer. So we just lie down and let it roll over us. We're beaten down. Thwarted. Done. We simply can't fight any longer.

Sonia Choquette, a celebrated author, spiritual teacher, and transformational visionary guide, had one of those experiences. Two people in her family died over a very short period of time and then her marriage abruptly ended. She was lost.

Her grown daughter, also experiencing an end to a long-term relationship, proposed they pick up and move from Chicago to Paris. Perhaps a change of scenery would do them good. And so off they went — to Paris. To LIVE.

"Waking Up In Paris" is Sonia Choquette's memoir and account of the pain and loss she experienced in her life and her desire to try and figure out what comes next. Like so many of us who feel beaten down and lost and who just can't go on doing the same old thing any longer, Sonia and her daughter moved to Paris!

The often hilarious account tracks Sonia's move — first renting an Airbnb for three months, and then moving into another apartment. We learn about what it's like to assimilate into a foreign country, to try to set up house, and to figure out who you now are as a person after so much change.

If you're a fan of Paris or anything French, then this book will definitely appeal to you as you can totally live vicariously through Sonia as she learns how to live in Paris. The memoir delves deeper into not only the physical aspects of what it is like to pick up your life and go live in a foreign country from how to deal with finding an apartment and ordering furniture to the emotional upheavals and soul searching one goes through when you realize that who you thought you were and what you thought your life would be is now completely different.

"One crazy apartment at a time, I've learned that I need solid and supportive ground under my feet. One beautiful tomato from the fresh market and baguette from the boulangerie at a time, I've learned to feed my soul. One face mask and moisturizer from the pharmacy at a time, I've learned to take care of my deepest needs. One cafe or bistro visit at a time, I've learned to slow down and enjoy the present moment. One washer-and-dryer load of clothing at a time, I've learned to be patient. One visit to the market at a time, I've learned to get out of my comfort zone and ask for help. One museum visit at a time, I've learned to broaden my interests and appreciate more than what is in my own head. And one stroll through this beautiful oasis at a time, I've learned to treasure the gifts of life."

Sonia's journey and her words about what she learned — and continues to learn while she still lives in Paris — are a great lesson for us all about listening to ourselves on a soul level.

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