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The Edge of New Adventures

I never wanted to be a business owner. There, I said it. When I listed my dream jobs as a little girl, not once did I ever see myself owning a business. I was (and am) a writer. That was always enough for me. Until it wasn’t.

Sometimes the be-all, end-all goals we think we want to achieve don’t quite scratch every itch. That can be a terrifying thought. It certainly was for me. What have I been doing with my life? What have I been working so hard to achieve? Fortunately, I had enough strong, motivated, accomplished women already surrounding me who taught me a very important lesson: you can have more than one goal. And you can be more than one thing. Time, for once in my life, was also on my side, as I was transitioning into a life back in New York after having spent six months abroad in Mexico learning so very difficult life lessons. So I tilted my travel writing hat to the side and made room for a second one, and Vaera Journeys was born.

It took seven months from inception to fruition. Seven terrifying, soul-shattering, esteem-crushing, financially unstable months. But when nine women flew down to Playa del Carmen to help me launch my entrepreneurial retreat company with our inaugural event, none of anxiety-fueled nightmares or bounced rent