The Millennial Gift: Entitlement

Now before you think this article has a negative connotation, take note. While I do believe Millennials feel entitled to many things, the good news is, that's not entirely a bad thing.

The entitlement attitude of the Millennials extends to their desire to do what they want, when they want, and that is something most of us from other generations should heed.

Millennials don't make pros and cons lists, put off things for a better time, or question if they can or should do something. Instead, they just go for it. I'm always amazed when I meet Millennial after Millennial who have decided to launch businesses or move to another country, and they don't worry about if they have the money, the know-how, the proper visa, or everything else most of us take into consideration — and what usually stops us from doing what our soul craves.

Millennials have become digital nomads in record numbers because they just don't want to be tied to offices or cities for long periods of time. They are the target customer of the sharing economy because, again, they don't want to have the financial pressure of ownership (cars, houses, etc.) weighing them down. They start their own businesses (blogs, coaching services, etc.) because they want to be their own boss, follow their passion, and the fact that they might not know how to do a business plan, balance sheet, or marketing strategy simply doesn't hold them back. When they need to create buzz they go to social media. Not enough money? No problem — why do you think there is Kickstarter and other crowdfunding problems?

While most of us in older generations put off what we really want to do in life because of the perceived responsibilities we have or what our parents expect of us, Millennials just go for it and pave their own way. This will be an interesting generation to watch as they age to see if they will have many of the same issues regarding depression, unfulfilling careers, burnout, and the like.

Yes, sometimes entitlement is not such a bad thing. This is definitely an attitude we can take a lesson on from the Millennial generation.