Giving It All Up Often Brings You To Places You Never Thought Possible

George and Linda Meyers were like most Baby Boomers — a successful couple with dual careers, grown children, and a desire to give up the rat race.

They had a nice house in Virginia, but found themselves working too hard and passing one another in the wee hours of the morning or late at night as they managed their crazy schedules. One day they realized it was time to work less and travel more, and so they decided to quit their life as they knew it, and go spend a year cooking in Tuscany.

"What's the worst that could happen?" the Meyers thought, "we lose our house? We're not that attached to it anyway!"

And so they set off and went to go live in Italy for a year. They traveled and learned to cook and had so much fun entertaining family and friends who visited. And when they discovered they were also entertaining friends of friends and others who also yearned for that bucket list experience of cooking in Tuscany, they decided to create their own cooking school, Cook in Tuscany! The week-long cooking adventure brings travelers to the Meyers' own villa in Montefollonico, Italy, where they learn to cook from local nonnas (grandmothers), drink plenty of wine, travel to olive oil farms, learn to make pizza, pasta, and more, and just relax and have a great time!

The school was so incredibly successful that their guests then asked where else they could learn to cook with the Meyers and so they created Cook in Mexico, and later Cook in Cuba. They also became social media darlings with a huge following of not just their cooking school participants, but people from around the world who love to follow their latest travels and adventures as they cook, eat, play, and travel. In fact, this motto became the basis for their blog, where the Meyers share photos of their adventures and invite fans to come along.

This couple is totally living their dream — doing all of the things they are passionate about — and inviting others to come share in their experience, if only for a week at a time! The rat race is only a distant memory now as this globe-trotting couple who still make their primary home in Virginia, travel the world and spend a few weeks a year in Italy, Mexico, and Cuba, in addition to touring the US in their motor home to visit their friends, family, and cooking school guests all in their quest to cook, eat, play, and travel! And of course, their dog, Tallula goes along for the travels too!

We hope this inspires you to take a moment and think about what makes you happy and make a plan to go follow YOUR bliss!