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Breathe. Calm. Flow. Magazines to Soothe Your Soul.

I stopped into Barnes & Noble on Saturday to check out the magazine section, and much to my surprise and delight, the number of magazines which encourage you to be in the moment, breathe, quiet the mind, begin a new practice of meditation, be more mindful, or anything that feeds your soul and aims to promote wellness, calm, and serenity, seem to be growing.

Last year I had picked up a magazine from The Netherlands called Flow and was quite surprised as it was printed on beautiful paper, featured a number of interesting articles and gave me an overall sense of calm and well being just by holding it in my hands. So the purpose of my recent visit was to pick up another copy of that magazine and as I scoured the magazine racks looking for it, I was surprised to find all of these new titles including Breathe, In The Moment,