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My Date With Destiny

I've always been a fan of personal development. I took that first scary step many years ago in New York City and attended a Lifespring workshop -- terrified that I would find this horrible monster inside of me that I really didn't want to be aware of. Instead, I learned a lot about myself, saw what holds me back, what I'm afraid of, and I found a peace and joy inside I never knew was there.

But then life gets in the way again, and you forget what you learn. And so I think it's always a good idea to take a new personal development workshop or retreat every year or so to dig a little deeper, remind yourself of things you already know, and peel back another layer to discover and get rid of what makes you unhappy.

It's been a while since I ventured down the path of taking time out of my life to work on myself. In late summer of 2017 I decided I REALLY needed a break from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and incredibly unhappy with myself and knew I needed to do something drastic. And so I signed up for a Tony Robbins "Date With Destiny" workshop taking place in December of 2017 -- yes the one shown on Netflix's "I Am Not Your Guru" documentary.