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My Date With Destiny

January 31, 2018


I've always been a fan of personal development. I took that first scary step many years ago in New York City and attended a Lifespring workshop -- terrified that I would find this horrible monster inside of me that I really didn't want to be aware of. Instead, I learned a lot about myself, saw what holds me back, what I'm afraid of, and I found a peace and joy inside I never knew was there.


But then life gets in the way again, and you forget what you learn. And so I think it's always a good idea to take a new personal development workshop or retreat every year or so to dig a little deeper, remind yourself of things you already know, and peel back another layer to discover and get rid of what makes you unhappy.


It's been a while since I ventured down the path of taking time out of my life to work on myself. In late summer of 2017 I decided I REALLY needed a break from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and incredibly unhappy with myself and knew I needed to do something drastic. And so I signed up for a Tony Robbins "Date With Destiny" workshop taking place in December of 2017 -- yes the one shown on Netflix's "I Am Not Your Guru" documentary.


I had been familiar with Tony Robbins for years. I had purchased some of his CDs many years ago, but found him to be too slick, too commercial, and a bit of a snake oil salesman. But when I watched him on that Netflix documentary, I saw an entirely different side of the man. This was something I knew I needed to check out. I kept going to the website and looking, but I couldn't bring myself to book it. Week after week I went back and just looked. I started watching Tony Robbins YouTube videos and I just loved what I saw.



And then one September afternoon, I said the hell with it, and hit the "buy" button on the Tony Robbins website. I booked myself a ticket to Florida from where I live in California, basically shut down my business for a week (which I never do), kissed the husband and the dog good bye, and got ready for my Date With Destiny. I actually couldn't decide between taking his Unleash The Power Within seminar or Date With Destiny, but figured if I was heading off to Florida I might as well do the week-long version. Unleash The Power Within is a shorter, less expensive workshop which most people do as their first Tony Robbins experience.


I'd read a lot about the event before I arrived and so I tried to prepare myself as much as possible. They even set up a Facebook page for attendees which is a great way for people to ask questions and share ideas. For example, I learned Tony likes to keep the Convention Center cold, so I made sure to dress in layers and brought a winter coat, gloves, and a scarf. Yep, I needed them all.


He also doesn't provide many meal breaks and he can go on for hours so I shipped boxes of energy bars, nuts, snacks, and water to my hotel so I had a stash of food as I didn't know if I would have time to go shopping during the week (I didn't).



I had to mentally prepare myself to be out of my comfort zone completely. It was going to be long days, a lot of standing, jumping, and dancing (I sit behind my computer all day long), a lot of sharing your innermost thoughts and fears, and hugging people I had never met before. I purposely didn't take along my husband or a