A [Temporary] Tattoo For Your Soul

We all have the best intentions. We want to remember good self care. To be kinder to ourselves. Stop complaining and start doing something about the things we don't love about our lives. Lose weight. Work out more. Enjoy the little things. Channel a healthier body. Or just be present with those we love.

Some of us are brave enough to get a tattoo. A permanent reminder of what is important to us. For the rest of us, a company called Conscious Ink offers temporary manifestation tattoos to help support us on our journey.

What we love about these manifestation tattoos are the messages they remind us of:

Be Present





Love My Body


Girl Power

Be Kind

Pregnant Goddess


And so many more.

Here's what you need to know about Conscious Ink tattoos:

  • They are safe, non-toxic and made with FDA certified colorants with a trace of soy.

  • They are made in the USA.

  • You can shower with them, wash your hands, etc.

  • The tattoos last 2-5 days on average, but they can be removed with rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or transparent household tape.

For more information on getting your own Conscious Ink manifestation tattoo, visit https://consciousink.com.