Learn To Meditate In A Weekend

We have been hearing more and more about the amazing powers of meditation. It reduces stress, improves concentration, increases self awareness and happiness, slows aging, enhances cardiovascular and immune health, and so much more.

As someone who is prone to being a workaholic, constantly being busy, and unable to quiet my mind enough to fall asleep quickly, I decided to give meditation a try. I had taken a meditation course years ago at the New York Open Center when I lived in New York City, but the six-week course was cancelled after the second week because the instructor was in a car accident (was that a sign?).

Of course I was never sure if I was doing it right — attempting to concentrate on breathing in and out, all of the while conjuring photos of Julia Roberts in my mind as she was attempting to meditate for hours at an Ashram in India in the movie Eat, Pray, Love.

"Slowly nudge your focus back to breathing" was all I could remember from my meditation classes. At times I have been incredibly successful with meditation, feeling as if I reached an altered state of calm. Other times, well, let's just say my insomnia was cured. I still am not sure how you go about asking yourself a question and meditating on the answer, but perhaps the way to do it is to be properly trained.

If you are seeking an introduction to meditating, this Meditation Weekend at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA might be just what you need. It's scheduled for mid-November just before Thanksgiving, so if the impending holidays stress you out, you can learn the techniques of quieting your mind just in time.

Here are the details on the Meditation Weekend at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA:

  • November 18 to 19, 2017

  • Your personal Primordial Sound Meditation Mantra - calculated according to the unique place, date, and time of your birth - to support you in your meditation practice long after the course is over.

  • An introduction to meditation and guided practice where you will have an opportunity to get answers to any questions that arise as you develop and build your daily practice.

  • Daily yoga classes & meditation classes led by Chopra Center master educators.

  • A course workbook to take your experience to the next level, presented upon your arrival at Meditation Weekend inside one of our exclusive Chopra Center Tote bags.

The $775 weekend fee is currently on sale at $495 per person if booked by July 31, 2017. Note: room accommodations and meals are NOT included.

For additional information, visit https://goo.gl/wHaVjc.