Every Wondered What Goes On Inside A Tony Robbins Workshop?

The fees are often astronomical — sometimes up to $10,000 for a week-long training — but those who have taken a Tony Robbins workshop come away singing his praises.

So what exactly goes on inside a Tony Robbins workshop? We're sure you've heard about the walking across hot coals stories, but if you really want a free look behind the curtains, check out the documentary "Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru" on Netflix. Here's a link to the trailer.

The documentary runs close to two hours and viewers get an unprecedented look inside the makings of a Tony Robbins workshop. We see what goes on behind the scenes, how Mr. Robbins prepares, we see his interactions working with individual workshop attendees, experience some nail-biting moments (don't worry -- we won't spoil it for you) and much more.

What was interesting about this documentary is the fact that prior to committing to letting filmmaker Joe Berlinger come inside his training, Mr. Berlinger had to agree to wait a year after filming the training in order to follow up with the specific individuals who were showcased during the training.

A viewer comes away with a new respect for Mr. Robbins -- including his incredible energy, passion for stopping suffering, respect for his own childhood horrors, amazement at how much effort goes on behind the scenes to produce a training, plus a keen interest in wanting to see what a Tony Robbins seminar is all about.