This Is How You Live [With Cancer]

I was watching an episode of Super Soul Sunday, and they concluded with a Super Soul Short featuring Kris Carr. Here is a woman who was diagnosed with a rare form of slow growing Stage IV cancer in 2003, and yet she is still living more than a decade later and thriving!

What really struck me during the interview with Kris was her attitude toward life. She starred in and directed a documentary on her illness called Crazy Sexy Cancer and rather than let the awful “c” word take her down, she has been inspired to live a more joyful, purposeful, healthy life.

Kris talked about her love for nature, how nature heals, and ways in which she has turned her diagnosis into a life of purpose versus a death sentence. What struck me most of all was her commentary to the fact that “We are all going to die, but how are you going to live?”

The beauty emanates from this common sense woman who is on a mission to share her tips for well-being, beauty, abundance, becoming more soulful, and so much more.

If you think you had a bad day because of traffic, a missed deadline, or bickering children, it’s time to plug in to Kris Carr and see what life is truly all about. Visit for more information on her documentary, books, and more.