My Wish For YOU

My wish for you is to take the time out of your busy life — away from the car pools, social media, Netflix, job, cocktail rituals, or whatever you might be distracting yourself with — to discover what it is that will make you happy on a soul level.

I'm not talking about a life change that involves becoming a monk. It could be something so simple as realizing your true calling is to teach. To go back to school. To work with children, animals, or seniors. To write. Paint. Cook. Start a business. Or whatever gives you energy, joy, and fulfillment.

Look to Soul Journey Inspiration as just that: inspiration for YOUR soul journey. We'll share books, trips, retreats, workshops, fun products, and other things we hope will help you take that next step, start that next chapter, or simply find a wonderful reason to get up in the morning.

Happy travels on your soul journey — however that may look for YOU.

Jane Coloccia

Chief Inspiration Officer



What Inspires Me

Ruthanne Terrero is an illustrator and writer living in New York. She studied at Oberlin College and The Art Students League. A full-time editor-in-chief at a magazine in New York City, she loves to doodle and draw in her free time and recently started her own shop selling her illustrations in prints, cards, and more.

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